Tipping Policy

It's vital tipping across the U.K. is transparent and our nation’s army of hospitality staff are treated fairly...

Our front of house team members retain 100% of all customer tips and services charges which are paid in cash; they are retained by the server who receives them who may or may not have arrangements in place to share these tips with other front & back of house team members.

Tips and service charges that are paid by credit or debit card are divided across all front and back of house team members that were in work that day and are paid in full into their remunerationin addition to the National Living Wage.

It is the responsibility of our team members receiving cash tips to declare this income for tax purposes to HMRC. Nibble’s group of companies do not participate in any aspect of cash tips or service charge.

In addition to tips, our team members receive discounts across our venues and are encouraged to take part in all health and wellbeing activities outlined in our corporate & social responsibility policy (CSR).