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Through our extensive network of contacts, we can help to promote your brand, connect clients, get news out to large audiences, and establish strong relationships with the biggest names in hospitality! Here are a few examples of why N.WORX is so valuable… food & beverage manufacturers can reach restaurants & bars (and vice versa), operators can network with influencers and have to access focus groups to help with research, improving products & experiences and so much more…

N.WORX provides a huge database of operators, influencers, journalists, food bloggers, food & beverage brands, suppliers, distilleries, breweries, industry experts and thought leaders, however N.WORX isn’t just a collective of hospitality figures. We have all sorts of industry relationships throughout the U.K including in the arts, fashion, entertainment and lifestyle sectors which can help you target new audiences, promote your brand through valuable influencer recommendations, ignite awareness and drive conversations about your business on a local and national scale.

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