N.WORX is Nibble’s network of bloggers, writers, content creators, journalists, influencers, industry experts and thought-leaders who assist us in supporting our client base of restaurants, bars, pubs & hotels.

Members of N.WORX help out in all sorts of ways, from sharing their thoughts on the latest food & drink trends, or current challenges facing the industry, to promoting our latest content, news and events …and of course providing feedback on their first-hand experience of menu tastings, product launches and VIP parties.

We invest in our people and we’re committed to building a high calibre network that advances our industry objectives, therefore to become a member of N.WORX we require a level of dedication and the ability to add value; whether that’s through meaningful feedback, content creation or promotional capabilities. So, if you’ve got what it takes and would like to join our community, please fill out the application below and a member of our team will be in touch.


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