Corporate & Social Responsibility

How we're helping preserve a world full of people...

Health & Wellbeing

Looking after the people that make Nibble great!

There’s a wide variety of people involved in Nibble, including our sales & marketing team, bartenders, contractors, management, directors and of course our guests; it’s important to us that all of them love what they do and that we look after them in return.

To promote a healthy work-life balance, our operations team work up to a five-day week, whilst our office teams have flexible hours and can work from home. Our venues implement a fair tipping policy for all workers with 100% of customer tips going directly to the team on shift, alongside earning the National Living Wage no matter their age or experience.

We’re an active company encouraging both team members and clients to partake in out-of-office activities such as local food and drink festivals, charitable and sporting events so we can all be healthy, happy and do our bit for the community.

We believe in supporting the mental health of our team and so meet with all our employees every three months whilst operating an open-door policy so they can chat with us about any difficulties they may be experiencing at any time.

It’s not just our team we take care of either, we’re always looking for new ways to introduce healthy product options in to our venues for our guests, including reduced sugar and low-2-no alcohol options as well as products to suit vegetarian and vegan diets.


Looking after the earth one eco-friendly straw at a time…

We understand that preserving the planet is vital for future generations, therefore we are focused on practicing responsible sourcing, ethical trading and environmental management in a bid to reduce our impact on the planet.

We work closely with our suppliers to mindfully choose products that reduce economic, environmental and social impacts, and carefully select our suppliers so our guests can be confident that the people producing our products are well treated and are able to work safely without damaging the environment around them. To lower our carbon footprint, we keep our teams traveling times to a minimum, reduce delivery frequency and hire local people for our venues where possible.

We try to source eco-friendly alternatives to energy consumption from utility suppliers and implement energy efficient options in our refurbishment programmes. In terms of waste management, our aim is to reduce the amount of material sent to landfill by raising our teams awareness around recycling & waste recovery, and actively removing plastic from our packing and products.


Putting the unity in community!

We’re passionate about our communities and we like to get involved as much as possible to help support local people, whether that’s by sourcing our products from local retailers, championing local artists, or pledging backing to grassroots charity projects.

As a hospitality business we are very much focused on people, which is why our venues are designed to bring people together, we provide social spaces offering a range of activities, events and services which are to be enjoyed by everybody…& their dogs (We’re dog friendly don’tcha know?!)

At present Nibble’s chosen charities are:

Forever Manchester & National Health Service